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This is an original painting by Henry Martin, painted in acrylic on 8" x 8" board. This painting has also been been varnished. 


This beautiful church is sadly not in current use. It was damaged by an earthquake and has not yet been made safe. This is a great shame as it's a beaut! I'd love to see inside. The crooked spire is not my bad drawing, it really is at that precarious angle.


We were lucky enough to get caught on Kefalonia when the world stopped moving in early 2020. This is one of several paintings I did there whist in lockdown. I took photos whileout exercising and then painted back at our accomodation.


Cost includes shipping within the EU. If you are outside the EU please email me ( ) to discuss how I can send to you.

Antipata Church

250,00 €Price
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